The Hunt with olive ridley turtles in rushikulya in the eastern coast of india Winner of Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Service Award A thing of beauty! In NSTR

"The choice is ours to make: Will we stand by silent, and watch the slaughter? Watch the forests fall? Watch, as wild creatures fall off the map of India? Do we want an India that is silenced of the roar of the tiger? Do we want to live in a country where forests are barren, its land infertile? Or will we stand up and fight? So that we do not tell our children, ‘Once were tigers....." If not, help us, help them.

17th Sep 2013

If the florican is to survive

The lesser florican is a creature of the grasslands––easily the most endangered, ill-managed, misunderstood and undervalued ecosystem in the country—even though they support some of our most threatened wildlife

19th Aug 2013
my tigress in Kanha_may 2013

On despair…and hope (and the musings of a conservationist)

We do it, because we cannot imagine a world where no lion stalks, no leaves unfurl, no bird sing...we cannot imagine the jungle silenced of the roar of the tiger. We also do it, for we know (and science supports us), that there cannot be life,  if we finish all other life around us. A world derived of nature will not only be deprived of soul, and will simply cease to be.

07th Aug 2013

Protecting Pilibhit

Even the tigers that you don’t see, provide for as thrilling, as magical an experience as an actual physical ‘sighting’. I recall such an ‘encounter’ that took place a few...

23rd Jul 2013

At war with God

Nothing, however, illustrates our diminishing tolerance better than a photograph of a fallen elephant killed by enraged villagers, lying lifeless in its own blood in a field of paddy. Scrawled on the carcass was 'Dhan Chor Bin Laden'. Paddy Thief (Osama) Bin Laden. God had morphed into a thief and terrorist.

14th Jul 2013

Himlayan Blunder

Thousands have died in Uttarakhand’s floods, many more are missing and millions of lives have been shattered as people have lost their homes, their livelihood, their way of life. The...

28th Jun 2013


My term with the Standing Committee, National Board for Wildlife is over. For three years,  I-we-battled, cajoled, persuaded, bargained, fought, argued, pleaded-and spoke up for wildlife, for its habitats. I...

23rd Jun 2013

Bears on the menu

I don’t know how many of you have seen a bear paw imprint in the forest. I have-ever so often…they are like a human’s. Smaller. Childlike. It’s such a thrill...

21st Jun 2013

on the Dog not eating…

To the Dog, It’s been two days-and you haven’t eaten. And I wonder why. It’s not about the girls. Your two favourite (actually your only favourite girls) are fine ....