My term with the Standing Committee, National Board for Wildlife is over.

For three years,  I-we-battled, cajoled, persuaded, bargained, fought, argued, pleaded-and spoke up for wildlife, for its habitats.

I know sometimes, we failed. And I know we have also occasionally come under severe criticism…I do not owe anyone anyone explanations (except to wildlife-if you get what i mean. And to myself…). There are no excuses -none. Except, the knowledge that you tried your best. and more.  That you never compromised.

It’s a difficult place to be in…one of the toughest tasks I have handled. It’s taken a toll on me….in ways i cannot count, cannot explain. But I am glad I was there, for I know it placed me in a  position to be effective, to make a difference. To make ‘their’ voice heard..even if not always understood.

I know…in some cases, we have ‘won’ some victories, or rather, a reprieve.  And that makes it worth it, a 1,000 times over. Worth the pain, the heartbreak, the effort.

I would like to thank, with everything within me….those who helped me and supported me,  so that I am here today, and those who had the faith me.

I paste below, something I wrote sometime back, with the added link to the minutes of the 6th June meeting: http://envfor.nic.in/sites/default/files/NBWL-29th-MOM-06-06-13.pdf


Before I got onto the NBWL, and particularly its Standing Committee, I am ashamed to say I had little comprehension of the kind-and scale-of work, the battles for wildlife that are fought here, the efforts that members make to protect our wilds. My salute to the stalwarts before us, particularly in its glory years. Especially for those keen on conservation-read the minutes of the meeting: moef.nic.in/assets/wl-nbwl-200313.pdf to get some idea of the workings of the SC, NBWLelephants_dhikala

And if you think it is a heavy read, think of those who battle it out there.



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  • Prerna you have done wonderful job wish for further success in life.-Shailesh

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