The Hunt with olive ridley turtles in rushikulya in the eastern coast of india Winner of Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Service Award A thing of beauty! In NSTR

"The choice is ours to make: Will we stand by silent, and watch the slaughter? Watch the forests fall? Watch, as wild creatures fall off the map of India? Do we want an India that is silenced of the roar of the tiger? Do we want to live in a country where forests are barren, its land infertile? Or will we stand up and fight? So that we do not tell our children, ‘Once were tigers....." If not, help us, help them. Several organizations are using NFTs to help wildlife. Through them, people can feed or take care of an animal by purchasing them virtually through NFT trading. Both NFT and crypto trading are attracting more people. Crypto traders may try bitcoin buyer auto trading to find the best trading opportunities in the market.

09th Jun 2016

No lessons learnt from J&K, Chennai: Draft Wetland Rules 2016 pose serious threat to wetlands

I reiterate that the Draft Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules (2016) need to be rejected in entirety—for reasons elucidated above, and others. Wetland conservation is of great importance not just ecological, and the many ecosystem services they province, but also for sustaining growth. Ii calls for greater debate, introspection and understanding of wetlands and their significance.

26th Mar 2016

No country for tigers…

How did a ministry mandated to protect wildlife, ensure clean water, air, soil and safeguard ecosystems so crucial for India’s citizens, make facilitating clearances as its primary objective? And make a public statement of it too?

01st Mar 2016

A tribute to Fatji

On March 1, 'Mr Ranthambhore' left us, losing the battle to cancer. The tigers knew they had lost their friend-and champion. At 4 am the next day, hours before the funeral, a tiger appeared behind his house, roaring thrice-maybe in final farewell, maybe to pay his last respects, maybe to reiterate the fact that the spirit of the tiger rested within him, forever.

25th Nov 2015

on Gurpurub

As a child, my grandmother used to tell us anecdotes and stories from the scriptures. One that particularly stood out was of the time when little Nanak (devji), was asked...

07th Nov 2015


He asked what the term ‘Development’ means and for whom this development is meant for? To him, it was only development, if people—and not just a chosen few--were central to it. And people, he believed were part of nature. Nature had to be intrinsic to the ‘development’ landscape. Otherwise, it was not ‘sustainable development’ a word we bandy about but don’t really understand, let alone practice. Matanhy baba was (and how it grieves me immensely to use was) courageous, principled, tireless, a man of integrity. He was a leader, one who became a politician so that he could serve his people, and his land better. They simply don’t make them like him anymore. Matanhy Saldanha, you are missed.

14th Oct 2015

Thoughts on Bihar & Valmiki Tiger Reserve

Photographs are of camera trapped tigers from Valmiki Tiger reserve, which shares a border with Royal Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Thanks to the vision of the state..a road which would have split this important tiger landscape in two has been diverted and will run along the southern boundary..

04th Oct 2015

On the wild beat…

And readers, write to the editor. Please. Don’t tell ME the story was good, or not—tell the editor. So that they know, nature matters

20th Jul 2015

Literary roots of my wild affair

My passion for the wilds –and it is an emotive affair–has literary roots. I devoured book after book, haunting libraries and pavement book vendors (who had the money for new...