The Hunt with olive ridley turtles in rushikulya in the eastern coast of india Winner of Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Service Award A thing of beauty! In NSTR

"The choice is ours to make: Will we stand by silent, and watch the slaughter? Watch the forests fall? Watch, as wild creatures fall off the map of India? Do we want an India that is silenced of the roar of the tiger? Do we want to live in a country where forests are barren, its land infertile? Or will we stand up and fight? So that we do not tell our children, ‘Once were tigers....." If not, help us, help them.

25th Apr 2013
14 Oct 2009- Valparai-Divya Mudapa

Animals of a Lesser God

We simply cannot afford to ignore or wish away wildlife that exists and thrives outside PAs. While most of our energies and effort must still continue to conserve––on a war footing––Protected Areas, only concentrating on these will mean that we essentially end up creating islands of wilderness which are genetic dead ends for wide ranging species like tigers and elephants.

28th Mar 2013
bustard busters-rohan

At Death’s Door

  Decades of widespread hunting and poaching have taken a mighty toll on the Great Indian Bustard. Today, the bird has been extirpated from over 90 per cent of its...

22nd Mar 2013
chased by the national heritage animal... - Copy

Meeting of the State Board for Wildlife, Uttarakhand

  A State Board for Wildlife meeting was held in Dehradun under the chairmanship  of the Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna on 16th March, 2013. Some of the issues and decisions...

14th Mar 2013
Nigahi Mines in Singrauli

Wildlife Policy: In the wilderness

We all want the Indian economy to roar, but that roar will die out if its foundations are weak. Growth needs to be inclusive, and ecologically sustainable. These concerns should...

12th Mar 2013

Suhelwa:On its deathbed

This article appeared in The Pioneer in July 2010, and was sent to me very recently by someone, so am placing it online. Following this article, the Centre had suggested...

02nd Mar 2013
Beneficiary (Singegowda's wife) from Mundsara in her new paddy field outside Kudremukh, Credit B.M.Akarsha, CWS.

The imperative for voluntary relocation

It is important to make provision of funds for the shifting of people from wildlife parks. It is a win-win solution, which will help us achieve the twin objectives of...

28th Feb 2013

Initial thoughts on the budget

While the budget speech cautions that development must be sustainable ecologically, it’s essentially rhetoric as there is no substance to back this up or ensure that the drive for investment...

16th Feb 2013

Mining: Death knell for Saranda:-the world’s finest Sal forest

Underneath this pristine Sal forest lies one of the country’s richest repositories of iron ore. But existing mines have already damaged swathes of Saranda as well as led to the...