The Hunt with olive ridley turtles in rushikulya in the eastern coast of india Winner of Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Service Award A thing of beauty! In NSTR

"The choice is ours to make: Will we stand by silent, and watch the slaughter? Watch the forests fall? Watch, as wild creatures fall off the map of India? Do we want an India that is silenced of the roar of the tiger? Do we want to live in a country where forests are barren, its land infertile? Or will we stand up and fight? So that we do not tell our children, ‘Once were tigers....." If not, help us, help them.

10th May 2012

The Gift of the Tiger

I visited the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve this February, and was fortunate enough to witness the spectacular sight of a tiger stalking elephants. That marked the beginning of my Nagarahole tiger...

25th Apr 2012

Heritage animal, elephantine problem

We have declared elephants as our ‘National Heritage Animal’. And left them to fight for their survival against odds. In October 2010, with much fanfare, India declared the elephant as...

20th Mar 2012

Save the house sparrow

Boisterous, perky, pesky house sparrows, once a common sight, are now rapidly disappearing, not only in India but worldwide. Rapid urbanisation has contributed to the decline in the house sparrow’s...

01st Mar 2012

a tribute to Fatji

i couldn’t do it… write a tribute to Fatji… this is a feeble attempt to try and explain this wonderful, delightful, person… so committed to tigers. A friend, mentor, guide,...

29th Feb 2012

Unprepared for the Cheetah’s arrival

Since the last cheetahs were shot in 1947, India’s population has exploded from 350 million to over 1.2 billion. Lakhs of acres of forests have been gutted to accommodate the growing need for food and other resources.

23rd Feb 2012

Operation Cheetah: A self-serving excercise

So we will buy the Cheetah, and introduce it in India. The big cat will be flown to india anytime, no doubt accompanied by a media blitz and lot of...

15th Feb 2012

Unsung heroes of our Green Army

Meet Budh Singh. Cowherd from the Ahir community. Fire watcher. Climate Warrior. But first let’s hear how and where this writer met him, perched on a flimsy platform some 50...

01st Feb 2012

Travelling with George Schaller…

Mist envelops the verdant forests of Corbett, swirling around the grasses and trees, and I huddle deeper in my layers of warmth, as the Gypsy trundles slowly up the dirt...