The Hunt with olive ridley turtles in rushikulya in the eastern coast of india Winner of Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Service Award A thing of beauty! In NSTR

"The choice is ours to make: Will we stand by silent, and watch the slaughter? Watch the forests fall? Watch, as wild creatures fall off the map of India? Do we want an India that is silenced of the roar of the tiger? Do we want to live in a country where forests are barren, its land infertile? Or will we stand up and fight? So that we do not tell our children, ‘Once were tigers....." If not, help us, help them.

13th Feb 2013
Ele_with calf_corbett_web

The Tiger..and other animals

Today In Mongabay, (February 12, 2013) there is an article which titles :Tigers gobble up 49% of India’s wildlife funds, other species get nothing. The tiger is NOT ‘gobbling’ up...

04th Feb 2013

Budh Singh’s Tree

So. While our nation's advisors scratch for ways to produce clean energy, gassify coal, and poison us with prohibitively expensive nuclear waste, they might find it more profitable to ask for Budh Singh for a leg up so they can climb atop his tree, and take a 360 degree look around at the clear-as-day solution to climate change that keeps eluding them.

03rd Feb 2013

Supporting India’s Green Army

For,   Shri Jairam Ramesh The Minister of State (Independent Charge) Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India I would like to draw your attention towards India’s forest guards,...

31st Jan 2013

On the wrong track

Indian Railways should consider changing their mascot Bholu, the elephant. It doesn’t make for good PR when death-by-train pretty much tops the macabre list of causes for elephant mortality. Or,...

28th Jan 2013

Goa’s oldest tourists under threat

A half-moon casts a pale light over a desolate beach on the western coast of India. A ripple breaks the gently lapping waters as an olive-ridley turtle emerges from the...

27th Jan 2013
King & I

The King and I: Travels in Tigerland

The King and I: Travels in Tigerland “The King and I is Prerna Bindra’s magnum opus of all her travels through India’s natural world. With 256 pages and about the...

01st Aug 2012

Save the Tiger

Saving the tiger, I am delighted to note, has caught the nation’s imagination.. Encouragingly, tiger conservation has even entered political consciousness at the national level, and today no political leader...

31st Jul 2012

The Core of the Tourism Issue

One has watched with increasing dismay the hysteria and mayhem (pretty muchlike ‘tiger tourism’ itself!), that has surrounded the interim order of the Supreme Court prohibiting tourism in legally notified...