The King and I: Travels in Tigerland

The King and I: Travels in Tigerland

“The King and I is Prerna Bindra’s magnum opus of all her travels through India’s natural world. With 256 pages and about the same number of pictures, this book reflects Bindra’s passion for the wilderness. Her flow of words is special and moving. She encompasses the soul and spirit of the wild in her writing. Her feelings are infectious . Her passion for the big cat is enduring, her sorrow at
the prevailing state of affairs very real. Read the book- it is very special.”

Valmik Thapar, Author and conservationist


The King and I, by Prerna Singh Bindra, takes us through the vast canvas of the forests of India, on the trail of the big cats. This book celebrates the tiger, worries for their future, mourns their passing and hopes that they continue to rule the wild, forever.

Less than 3000 tigers remain in the wild in India, the Asiatic Lion number an abysmal 300. The fate of the Snow Leopard is unknown, while we lose a leopard a day. With an insatiable curiosity and lavish powers of observation, Prerna’s swathe cuts through the evergreen forests of India’s Northeast, across the grasslands of Central India and the teak forests of the South. The swirling waters of the Sunderbans with its man-eating tigers and associated myths are brought vividly to life. She explores the areas where the legendary hunter Jim Corbett shot his man-eaters, meets the collared tigers of Panna (that later went extinct, and the tiger had to reintroduced in Panna, follows the trail of the elusive Snow Leopard and meets Baby, a leopard raised by the erstwhile royal family of Mysore. Through her veins flows a true love of the wild and this is captured in entrancing detail in this travelogue though the heart of India’s natural world.

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