09th Jun 2016

No lessons learnt from J&K, Chennai: Draft Wetland Rules 2016 pose serious threat to wetlands

I reiterate that the Draft Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules (2016) need to be rejected in entirety—for reasons elucidated above, and others. Wetland conservation is of great importance not just ecological, and the many ecosystem services they province, but also for sustaining growth. Ii calls for greater debate, introspection and understanding of wetlands and their significance.

26th Mar 2016

No country for tigers…

How did a ministry mandated to protect wildlife, ensure clean water, air, soil and safeguard ecosystems so crucial for India’s citizens, make facilitating clearances as its primary objective? And make a public statement of it too?

29th Jun 2014

Kamo, the prickly porcupine

Meet Kamo the porcupine, the lovable, but ‘prickliest’ of all rodents, which even predators fear. Komo is so-called as he/she ‘kums’ when called..”kamo, kamo, kammoo”. And who calls her? Forest...

30th Mar 2014

PM aspirant’s headgear..

My letter on PM aspirant’s headgear published in Outlook this week: “So, when features the myriad hats adorned by’ political leaders, it fails to mention that one such crown worn...

15th Mar 2014

J&K’s pride faces extinction

The tiny habitat of Dachigam is beset with problems. For about five decades, in defiance of every law of the land, a Government-owned sheep breeding centre has flourished within the park, while the hanguls....have not

10th Dec 2013

Pangolins: ‘The new rhinos’

he pangolin is that currently it is the ‘hottest’ item in the illegal wildlife market. The volumes are unprecedented, and the crime is an organised one, on the lines of the illegal trade in tiger derivatives, rhino horns and ivory. Traders advance money to their local contacts who hire poachers. The pangolin’s scaly armour, given by nature as a protective cover, has become its curse. The scales are made of keratin, the same substance as a rhino horn or human nails, and are ground into traditional medicine-believed to ‘cure’ various diseases, including headaches, asthma, certain cancers and boost the virility of impotent souls.

17th Sep 2013

If the florican is to survive

The lesser florican is a creature of the grasslands––easily the most endangered, ill-managed, misunderstood and undervalued ecosystem in the country—even though they support some of our most threatened wildlife

28th Jun 2013


My term with the Standing Committee, National Board for Wildlife is over. For three years,  I-we-battled, cajoled, persuaded, bargained, fought, argued, pleaded-and spoke up for wildlife, for its habitats. I...