18th May 2013

No Dolphinariums in India

Great News! The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India have decided not to allow establishment of dolpinariums in the country. It advises the State Governments to reject any...

28th Apr 2013

Goa: A Tiger State

The following was a report I had submitted to the the Minister of Env & Forest in June-after which he had proposed Goa as a tiger reserve. The report was...

04th Feb 2013

Budh Singh’s Tree

So. While our nation's advisors scratch for ways to produce clean energy, gassify coal, and poison us with prohibitively expensive nuclear waste, they might find it more profitable to ask for Budh Singh for a leg up so they can climb atop his tree, and take a 360 degree look around at the clear-as-day solution to climate change that keeps eluding them.

31st Jul 2012

The Core of the Tourism Issue

One has watched with increasing dismay the hysteria and mayhem (pretty muchlike ‘tiger tourism’ itself!), that has surrounded the interim order of the Supreme Court prohibiting tourism in legally notified...

25th Apr 2012

Heritage animal, elephantine problem

We have declared elephants as our ‘National Heritage Animal’. And left them to fight for their survival against odds. In October 2010, with much fanfare, India declared the elephant as...

15th Feb 2012

Unsung heroes of our Green Army

Meet Budh Singh. Cowherd from the Ahir community. Fire watcher. Climate Warrior. But first let’s hear how and where this writer met him, perched on a flimsy platform some 50...

28th Aug 2011
Climate Change & MPs

Climate Change & MPs

Bittu Sahgal and I made a presentation to the Parliamentary Forum on Global Warming and Climate Change. Not one MP was a climate sceptic. Not one questioned the disastrous consequences...

30th Oct 2010
Mining in Tigerland

Mining in Tigerland

Given below are just two of my articles i wrote on the issue of mining in tiger habitats, an issue i have been consistently writing about at campaigning about: This is...