on the Dog not eating…

To the Dog,

It’s been two days-and you haven’t eaten. And I wonder why.

It’s not abdogjiout the girls. Your two favourite (actually your only favourite girls) are fine . It’s not one of ‘those’ days-so you can’t be love sick, and hence moping and starving yourself.

Let me recount and list your favoured palette:

  • Chicken (and other dead animals-animals killed to feed your hunger, which could be satiated otherwise too ): Yes, the latter has been added in an attempt to make you feel guilty, for all the good it does. I know I have only had as much-read no-success-as this did with my two-legged friends.
  • Repeat the above ten times over. I may add here that the chicken (or any other -legal-meat has to be served boneless, flavoured with herbs and stewed with veggies (the veggies exist more for my peace of mind, usually ignored by the Dog)
  • Grass (not the smoking kind),but chewing the cud kind. One native (I stay in Haryana)  thought he was a stunted buffalo, minus the advantage of supplying milk. It may not be legit to reproduce in print what I did to him.
  • Bamboo. The kind that grows in not in our house but our neighbour’s. I like to think he is an elephant (very stunted). Maybe in his previous birth or something. My link to the wilds I so miss.
  • Isabgol (Psyllium seed husks). Mixed with warm milk-otherwise considered totally untouchable, but mixing the two makes it gourmet cuisine.  Any explanations for this preference very welcome.
  • Aimee and Sofiee’s lunch/dinner. He likes their food. He eats it. W/o any fuss. Straight from the bowl. I conclude that he is playing the sympathy card.

Dog, you have been served  all of the above. Will you deign to tell me why you still refuse to eat?

I thought you were a lab..you are-but a lab who doesn’t eat….?


With love from,

those who try to feed you






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