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well intended effort, but not good enoughIt was a programme devoted to Save the Tiger. Hence, I found it a little difficult-and forgive me for also being perplexed, foxed — as i tried to place the significance of that beautiful, brassy blonde dressed (or is it the other way around?) in shimmering red silks gyrating to Kiss me..kiss me ..kiss me (i wonder, if she was entreating the tiger, and knew what she was letting herself in for)

No, i am not being a spoilt sport-I do not mind ’em item numbers, and shimmering silks), but not at the backdrop of the desperate, bitter battle to Save the Tiger.

I will not name the function-or the organisers (and not just because this is just one of the many similar ‘valiant’ attempts in saving the tiger). I am sure they meant well. And i know there were those present, whose heart beat, and bled for the tiger. Even as they cringed at the irony of it all-not quite comprehending, but perhaps accepting that this was the new way to do things.

It has been done before. It will be done again. Saving tigers-and children-and the starving millions by the Champagne Circuit.

I know-I think-this is how the message was driven home-amongst the politicians, the corporates-people who ‘matter’, people with the money, and the power, but perhaps not the will to go down the lonely forest chowki in the heart of the remote forest, to confront reality, and to salute the man who protected the tiger — without a steady wage, with no protection against poacher and beast…”

No offense meant here (not to People, and certainly not ‘beast’, but is food for thought. )

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