27th May 2013

Editorial -TigerLink, 2013

It’s slipped by… almost unnoticed, the 40th anniversary of Project Tiger , born on April 1, 1973, the biggest conservation initiative of its time, backed by strong political will and...

24th May 2013

Why I don’t watch ‘Nature’ on TV

All of us, and I hold myself equally responsible, love to write and narrate dramatic (and exaggerated) incidents from the forests. Of near escapes with death. Of being dangerously charged by tigers and elephants, knowing fully well that, had the animal intended real harm, we wouldn’t have lived to tell the tale. We destroy their habitats, slaughter and butcher them for ‘sport’ and commerce, torture them for entertainment and science and yet we call them beasts? And us, humane? The shows are merely a reflection on us.

14th May 2013

They are the country’s pride

Wednesday, 08 May 2013 | Prerna Singh Bindra | in Oped Gujarat must show its largesse by happily allowing the translocation of some lions to a new habitat in the...

25th Apr 2013

Animals of a Lesser God

We simply cannot afford to ignore or wish away wildlife that exists and thrives outside PAs. While most of our energies and effort must still continue to conserve––on a war footing––Protected Areas, only concentrating on these will mean that we essentially end up creating islands of wilderness which are genetic dead ends for wide ranging species like tigers and elephants.

28th Mar 2013

At Death’s Door

  Decades of widespread hunting and poaching have taken a mighty toll on the Great Indian Bustard. Today, the bird has been extirpated from over 90 per cent of its...

22nd Mar 2013

Meeting of the State Board for Wildlife, Uttarakhand

  A State Board for Wildlife meeting was held in Dehradun under the chairmanship  of the Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna on 16th March, 2013. Some of the issues and decisions...

14th Mar 2013

Wildlife Policy: In the wilderness

We all want the Indian economy to roar, but that roar will die out if its foundations are weak. Growth needs to be inclusive, and ecologically sustainable. These concerns should...

12th Mar 2013

Suhelwa:On its deathbed

This article appeared in The Pioneer in July 2010, and was sent to me very recently by someone, so am placing it online. Following this article, the Centre had suggested...