Alive. Doused it with petrol, and set it in fire. The said its body was in flames-the elephant ran wildly, in agony, desperate for water..for reielf, but the mob had surrounded it-blocking its escape routes..
blinded with would sink to its knees, and then struggle up again….and run, fenetically, crazed with pain..
it dissappeared-we do not know what happenned to the elephant..
the ACF says the elephants fine-there was no such incident.
i dont know whether this happenned or didn’t-i haven’t been witness, so i can’t vouch for it. I wouldn’t put it past us. I remember the elephant whose legs they chopped off. Or the pregnanat tigeress they beat incessently, or the leopard they mercilessly thrashed to death, and the bear that they set on fire.
i know, i know-the wild creatures, they kill too-but not for money (but We Homo sapiens will set a woman on fire for a scooter or a sum of Rs 5000)-but only because we have robbed them of their home…and the food they eat..and the water they drink…