Prerna Singh Bindra is an engaging, powerful speaker and  has made presentations across India and UK at universities, government departments, think tanks, institutions, organizations, book festivals and more.


Parliamentarians, bureaucrats, media, university, college and school audiences, think tanks focused on development, conservation organisations, book groups, and journalism conferences. Have also spoken at open forums were anyone interested can walk in, and at the local, grassroots level-to village governing bodies, local media and such like. With a focus on India’s wildlife, each presentation is suitably tailored to the audience.

Some sample presentations:

  • India’s Wildlife Crisis: Why it matters to us & and what we can do (WWF-India)
  • Women in Wildlife: (As catalysts of innovation and change. How a poor environment affects women more, and their contribution to conservation): American Centre, New Delhi
  • Conflict & Conservation in India: How security and strategic concerns impact biodiversity and wildlife. The department of War Studies, King’s College, London.
  • The Real Tiger Story: India leads the world in tiger conservation, but the great cat continues to be imperilled. Constitution Club of India, New Delhi 
  • India’s conservation challenges & the policy framework:  Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi
  • Communicating Conservation: At Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, and Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun


Conservation, extinction, wildlife, tigers, women and conservation, nature in our backyards, eco-tourism, environment in media,  nature writing,  travel in the wilds, travel and the single woman