When I grow up I want to be a Tiger

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Expert Speak:

‘All human babies are born wild animals! As they grow up, we “unwild” them. What Prerna Bindra has done with When I Grow Up… is to remind children of their wildness, something that adults need to be reminded of too! Hopefully this delightfully-written, exquisitely-illustrated book will help create thousands of tiny forces of nature.’
Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia

‘This is a must-read book for children interested in wild tigers. Prerna Bindra highlights the remarkable relationship between the mother and cubs in the most engaging of ways.’
Valmik Thapar, wildlife conservationist, author

‘In this gorgeously illustrated book, Prerna Bindra attempts to inveigle tiny-tots into joining issue in the great and vital battle that has to be and is, being fought to save India’s most magnificent predator. As a tiger primer for tiny-tots this one is a must.’

Ranjit Lal, author, naturalist

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How the book happened (Interview with author):


Product Description

Tigers don’t talk (well, at least not in ‘people’ language). Tigers don’t have names either.

But then T-Cub is a very special tiger cub and he wants to tell you his story. It’s about his life in a forest in India, and his animal friends (and foes) including monkeys, peacocks and elephants.

T-Cub is naughty, curious, lovable, and brave (and sometimes scared too!).  He is living the good life of a wild tiger—prowling the forest, loved by his Ma, teased by his sister.  He is learning the laws of the jungle, to hunt, to be a tiger…

And then one day, his mother vanishes, and T-Cub learns another lesson – it is not easy to be a tiger….

The book also talks about the threats faced by the species and the ways one can help in conserving the tiger. The author gives a brief bibliography on the books that inspired her, and the treasure trove of nature writing in India and outside.

The book is illustrated by Maya Ramaswamy, a wildlife artist based in Bangalore, India. A keen student of natural history and conservation, she worked as a volunteer for wildlife conservation as a schoolgirl. She has illustrated several books with Katha and Pratham Books.

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