Prerna Singh Bindra has been at the forefront of the battle to conserve India’s wildlife for over a decade. She was a member  of India’s National Board for Wildlife and its core Standing Committee (2010-13). She has also served on Uttarakhand’s State Board for Wildlife. Prerna’s primary focus is protecting wildlife habitats and critically endangered species.  She is a widely published author with over 1,500 pieces on nature and wildlife. She also does travelogues and occasional humour pieces. Prerna’s book The Vanishing: India’s Wildlife Crisis published by Penguin India was released in June 2017.

The Vanishing

Every year, our planet loses over 150 species of plants and animals, and India is very much in the midst of this mass ‘sixth extinction’. We are losing species in our backyard—where are the once ubiquitous sparrows, or the fireflies that lit up our nights? And in the forests, iconic species like the great Indian bustards are down to a hundred, while flamingoes are poised to be wiped off the map of India.

The Vanishing takes an unflinching look at the unacknowledged crisis that India’s wildlife faces, bringing to fore the ecocide that the country’s growth story is leaving in its wake—laying to waste its forests, endangering its wildlife, even tigers whose increasing numbers shield the real story of how development projects are tearing their habitat to shreds.


“The Vanishing is a riveting account of one of the greatest threats of our time-the deliberate annihilation of our natural world and with it our access to clean air, sufficient food and potable water.”
India Today
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My Writings

No lessons learnt from J&K, Chennai: Draft Wetland Rules 2016 pose serious threat to wetlands

I reiterate that the Draft Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules (2016) need to be rejected in entirety—for reasons elucidated above, and others. Wetland conservation is of great importance not just ecological, and the many ecosystem services they province, but also for sustaining growth. Ii calls for greater debate, introspection and understanding of wetlands and their significance.

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No country for tigers…

How did a ministry mandated to protect wildlife, ensure clean water, air, soil and safeguard ecosystems so crucial for India’s citizens, make facilitating clearances as its primary objective? And make a public statement of it too?

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A tribute to Fatji

On March 1, 'Mr Ranthambhore' left us, losing the battle to cancer. The tigers knew they had lost their friend-and champion. At 4 am the next day, hours before the funeral, a tiger appeared behind his house, roaring thrice-maybe in final farewell, maybe to pay his last respects, maybe to reiterate the fact that the spirit of the tiger rested within him, forever.

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