Killing the tiger, not the conflict…

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  • Prerna Ji ye sab drama hai. Kuch bhi hasil nahin hone wala hai. Tiger bachane ki aag hi un aadmiyon main nahin hai to phir drama karne ka kya fayada. Jo karta hai use Naxalite area main Post kar do nahin to vo unko expose kar dega. Jyadatar log Aish karne main lage hain khas kar …… lobbey. Pure samay Crocodile tear bahate rahte hain.

  • It has been rightly pointed out here that any Wildlife conservation effort can be successful only by harmonious means.
    The humans inhabiting the periphery of any sanctuary/park can be the most dangerous enemies, or the most potent saviours of the animals- choice is ours to make.

    Sariska is the perfect example of this, where unfortunately the former transpired.

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